Kale, Tofu, & Tomatoes!

Today, while my mother cooked an empanada filled with turkey and green beans, I experimented with a creation of my own. This weekend’s grocery trip brought home a giant bag of kale (courtesy my mom), so I got to work on something including the leafy substance.
I began with a big pan filled with some olive oil (best ingredient ever). Then I washed and placed the kale in the pan with some water. Note: the kale will shrink as it cooks; I suggest putting a handful more kale than what you would like cooked. After placing the lid on the pan, allow the kale to steam.

In the ten minutes that you’ve got the kale on the stove, we bring in the next ingredient… tofu. Mmmm. I used extra firm tofu, but any kind would do. Dice it up, and toss it in the pan once the kale has been steamed.

This is when I like to get fancy with a couple of my favorite spices: paprika and cinnamon. I’d like to say it’s a 3:2 ratio of paprika to cinnamon. Go with your whims. Add some sea salt. Smell the steam.

To lighten up the overall flavor, I diced up a few fresh tomatoes once the kale and tofu were done.
This dish took me about 20 minutes. Enjoy!



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