Dandruff and Cinnamon

Last night, the sky gods decided to deposit their excess dandruff onto the Earth, thus granting me a day in. Rather than having to pack a lunch to go to school, I got to sleep in. BUT I still tapped into my resources when it came to lunch. Also, this can be used as a great burrito filler.

  • Potatoes
  • Black beans (I used half a can)
  • Sliced apple
    I started with a pan full of olive oil (have I mentioned my love for the stuff?). Then, I brought out some of last night’s leftovers… sliced up potatoes. I tossed these into the heated up pan. After a few minutes, moving around the potato slices every now and then, I poured in half a can of black beans.
    At this point, I needed some more oil, but rather than olive oil, I went with corn oil. Fun fact: supposedly, corn oil is better for people with higher cholesterol.
    I wanted to add a fruit to the mix (it just seemed a necessary addition). Apples. What’s a wonderful spice? Cinnamon. What two foods go together awesomely? Apples and cinnamon.
    I leave cooking the apples or not up to the chef–personally, I thought the crispiness went well with the squishy beans.

    Another day, another creation.


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