Out and About

One of the more difficult sides to going vegetarian is going out to eat. Whether it’s school food or downtown in a fancy restaurant, perusing a menu and being met with scores of bacon burger entrees is a bit frazzling.
The upside: more schools are providing vegetarian or vegan options (particularly colleges). What’s more, restaurants (I’m pretty sure the steakhouses are, too) are beginning to offer more than just salads for us herbivores. Just last week, I got the Veggie Delite from Subway. We just have to put in a wee bit more effort in skimming the menu.
When I’m not heading to the most amazing vegan-vegetarian style restaurant that promotes local artists in its spare time in the city, I take in the setting. Sports bar? Alright, it’s gonna be a pasta or salad, most likely. Buffet? Find the Asian cuisine and hope it’s somewhat authentic.
No matter the restaurant, there are key words and headings to check out in the menu. These include, but are not limited to, ‘green’, and ‘veggie’ in titles, and salads, sides, soups, and low calorie meals (oh, what do you know, meat has a ton of calories). Usually that’s the general filter I put in my mind when I first look through a menu.
If this is fruitless (ha-ha… Puns anyone?), then I widen the range, perhaps looking for fish dishes as well. The point I’m trying to drive home is this: there are options. You just gotta find them. If a teenager in a country full of meat lovers can do it, anyone can.


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