Literally. Running.

Like most of my European family, I have a tendency of being late. All. The. Time. For example, this morning I managed to leave my house thirty minutes before school began–the exact amount of time it takes to get to there. This meant I had less than five minutes to pack something for lunch.

  • Fresh spinach
  • Brown rice
  • Baby carrots
  • Olive oil and salt
  • After quickly skimming what my fridge had to offer today, I decided on three items: spinach, brown rice, and baby carrots. I grabbed a compartmentalized container and got to packing.

    I decided the brown rice would be best at the bottom of the container.

    Top it off with fresh spinach with olive oil and salt.

    Toss some carrots as a side.

    Guess what? Less than five minutes for this. And I was just in time for school. With a great lunch in my bag.


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