New Recipes, New Flavors

About a week or so ago, I read this post. I thought it looked delicious and proceeded to make it on my own time. I definitely recommend it! A thanks to Sophia at Veggies Don’t Bite for sharing it.
I changed it a little (as we all do) to not include the miso sauce, since I’ve had a sore throat and spiciness wouldn’t help that in the least. Rather than mixing it all in one bowl, I separated out the ingredients into different bowls. I also had a few mishaps. You can see it all in the pictures below.

I now love quinoa.



I had a mishap with rinsing the quinoa… Not sure how to do that. I tried with a towel, but that got complicated.

Hazzah! TWO cans of black beans found!

I was in a hurry. I didn’t notice the upside down can.



Ahh. And after cooking, I had to run to work, with only the thought of having some when I got home later keeping me energized. Unfortunately, the mushroom/kale/onion bit was all gone, but my parents loved it. I did get to have the quinoa, rice, and beans, though.

So then I used what was left of the vegetable broth with a package of Ramen (go high school!) and left out the chicken powder. That’s a good snack for sure.


One thought on “New Recipes, New Flavors

  1. Thank you for your kind words! It looks like your version turned out great! As a future tip, in order to rinse quinoa I put it in a mesh strainer. Thanks again and hope you visit the blog again soon!

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