Nutty Stir Fry

I just started a new job, school is getting crazier the closer we get to graduation, and Netflix is slowly consuming my life. Things are pretty busy! But I’m still cooking, and sticking to a more veggie-based diet.
I decided to make a stir fry (I am pretty sure this is classified as a stir fry) using the ingredients found in my house. It came out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself, so here goes:

White rice (one cup)
Olive oil and salt
Green beans

I cooked the rice on the stovetop. This takes about 15 minutes.

While the rice was cooking, I washed some green beans. The amount is entirely up to you.

I measured out about a half cup of almonds.

I used about the same amount of walnuts as almonds.

Once the rice was done, I tossed the green beans into a wok with olive oil and a bit of salt. The green beans didn’t take long, think 5-10 minutes.

Sprinkling paprika in every couple minutes, I added the rice, almonds, and walnuts to the pan.

After about 10 minutes of adding olive oil and paprika as needed, I finally added thyme.

Let me know other stir fry ideas in the comments!


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