On the Go: Snacks

I have successfully infiltrated the family grocery list, as more of the snack food is health conscious. I am a student and a dancer, meaning twice as much running around as your typical teenager. Having a stash of healthier snacks, besides what’s to be found in the fruit basket, that I can grab and go is beautifully helpful. Plus, these make easy additions to the packed lunch.
1. Granola Bars

These are the classic on the run snack. They come in lots of flavors, plus they are super portable.
2. Yogurt. Greek Yogurt.

Recently, I have become slightly addicted to Greek yogurt, particularly Chobani. This is more of something to toss in the lunch bag, but it is easily carried, and just as easily scarfed down.
3. Quite Possibly Junk Food in a ‘Healthy’ Disguise.

Aaaaand the above image may display sideways. Um. This is also a good snack my mom found. It’s called a KIND bar, and this one is peanut butter and chocolate.
It’s great to have that extra time to have even healthier snacks, but when you’re on the run, these snacks ought to do the trick.


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