Today, I woke up ready for a two hour dance class, followed by a two hour rehearsal. I decided to start the day off with something filling, and cooked some oatmeal.
When it comes to oatmeal, I love experimenting, since it appears that the possibilities are endless! Here’s what I did:

My mother brought this goodie home this week. Instead of half a cup of oatmeal, I did a quarter cup of oatmeal and a quarter cup of this ‘Oats ‘n Dark Chocolate’ granola.

Two minutes in the microwave (Using water), and voila! At this point, I tried it, my taste buds meeting a perfectly sweetened spoonful of oatmeal. Mmm. But then…

…I found a fruit bowl! I dropped some strawberries and grapes into the mix–it was awesome. Then I ate about half the fruit bowl… Oops.


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