Crossfit, Gimme Carbs

A couple of weeks ago, I began taking a weekly class through my school–Crossfit! If you haven’t heard of Crossfit, it’s basically this really intense, work at your own pace, gym-style workout. Not only is it a great way to hit the gym, but when you find the right coach, it becomes infused with knowledge on the technique of every movement you learn. The chance for me to take this class also came at a rather opportune moment: I had just begun my self-initiated break from dance, and needed an alternate workout. So far, I’m impressed with what Crossfit has to offer, especially for a classically trained ballet dancer who knows the dance studio and nothing else.
As with all intense workouts, the stomach begins to grumble a lot more often. This is when pasta becomes your best friend. So long as it doesn’t take over your entire diet, of course. Here’s what I packed for lunch today, and probably will again in the future.


Mmmm, pasta.

With a spinach medley. I searched the fridge for kale, but alas, we were out.

Then I like to top it all off with tomato sauce and feta cheese. I swear, it tastes awesome. Although perhaps you shouldn’t take a high school kid’s opinion for granted. We are notorious for having strange tastes in food.


3 thoughts on “Crossfit, Gimme Carbs

  1. I’m the same way! I grew up in the dance studio but have grown to love cross fit training. There’s an app for the workout of the day you should try to download. That way you have your WOD and you don’t need to pay for the trainer! Obviously I don’t hit the same counts, but I do as much as I can and try to improve.

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