Pact & Other Lifestyle Apps

I don’t think I’ve noted this before, but I am an avid user of the iPhone. Pictures need taken? Got my iPhone. Video? iPhone. Random writing thoughts? My iPhone does that, too. In fact, it might be safe to say that my dear iPhone ru(i)ns my life. Now, more than ever before, does it do so. I downloaded some lifestyle apps, in an effort to pull myself out of an ever worsening case of ‘senioritis’. I literally have less than two months until I graduate–I might as well keep my game up! Here are a couple of apps I’ve installed, and that I have actually found helpful!

1. Pact

This one you may have heard of. It is an app that focuses in on fitness and eating right. How does it work? It’s fairly straightforward–you make one of three kinds of ‘Pacts’. These include the Veggie, Gym, and Food Logging Pacts. You decide how often you want to hit the gym, eat veggies, or log your food, and then set the stakes. For example, I have a gym pact where I go to the gym three times a week; for every day I’ve missed by the end of the week, I pay $5. If you have fulfilled your Pact by the end of the week, a couple of bucks float on your way! That money comes from people who haven’t met their Pact, so what you get every week can vary. A great way to motivate one to get their butt in gear!

2. Balanced

This was actually the first ‘lifestyle’ app I downloaded, literally on a whim. I’m very happy I did! This app works like a chilled-out checklist. The idea of it is to maintain balance in your life. Work and school are good and all, but what about seeing a friend? Or reading for leisure? Or simply taking ten minutes out of your day to stretch and relax? I often get caught up in meeting deadlines and just working that I forget to enjoy my day. I hit the hay feeling unaccomplished, despite completing two or three big projects in one day. I have figured out the reason: I don’t spend time breathing, or going outside for a walk, or talking to people about things besides school or work. I have put four ‘to-dos’ in my Balanced app: yoga, cooking something new (specifically for this blog), seeing a friend, and watching a new documentary. In the app, you have plenty of activities to choose from, but you can most definitely write up your own. Then, you can establish how often you would like to do said activity. Every time you complete an activity, it goes to the bottom of the list. Activities you should focus on accomplishing sooner float to the top of the list. So far, it has proven quite motivational, in a relaxed kind of way. Sometimes checklists just get me all angsty–this one doesn’t.

Whew, that was a lengthy paragraph.

3. Medium

Wait, ha-ha, not a lifestyle app? What are you talking about? Blogging is a lifestyle! I’m pretty new to this app, so I don’t have much to say… yet! Medium is a great hub for writers. It is connected to Twitter, and allows writers to compile their stories in one place. The most awesome part: while it’s not quite like WordPress or some other blogging platform, it is a great way for people to connect through writing, and an awesome way to build an online writing presence. Or so I’ve deduced so far. This app still isn’t manufactured to write and post on the go (I have to step away from my phone? Gah.) BUT it is beautifully designed. You can write posts from your computer, and it is still pretty awesome.

Let me know what apps run your life, and we can obsess together!


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