Mysterious Teas

While out on a trip to the grocery store, I found myself strolling down the International Foods aisle. Of course, as is usual, when one goes shopping for a specific item, it is forgotten temporarily, while some other product captures the eye. For me, I was on the hunt for two cans of Lima beans. While I did find them, I spent the better part of ten minutes absorbed by the shelf of Portuguese teas.

I am fluent in Spanish, so understanding what was written on each box of foreign tea was not too hard. However, I had no idea what the teas were! These teas had names I had never heard before–all the more reason for me to grab a box to take home. Conducting a vague Google search, so as to not end up with a package of funny herbs in my shopping basket, I picked out a box and proceeded to the check-out.


Above is the tea I brought home, called Erva-Doce. In English, this would be known as Fennel tea. Upon sipping the herbal brew, the taste was unfamiliar to me. I’m an avid green tea drinker; this was no green tea. Fennel is sweet, with a tinge of a licorice taste. Also, it leaves your breath feeling refreshed after drinking. Definite plus!

A little bit about Fennel Tea:

Fennel is native to the Mediterranean shores, but can grow nearly anywhere. This includes India, the Middle East, and even areas of northern Europe. Fennel is eaten in seed form, sometimes as an after-meal breath freshener. Like many teas, it has some notable health benefits. Apparently, it’s great for the, er, digestive tract. This means Fennel will aid appetite, heartburn, and bloating. Basically, the stuff keeps your insides clean when drunk regularly.

Do you drink tea?

I’m making a couple of changes to the blog. Don’t panic, nothing too big! You will still see vegetarian foods, but you will also be seeing more about tea, and quite possibly yoga. I will be keeping the About page updated!



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