From Dancing to Yoga-ing

Happy Friday, and hello weekend!

Until recently, my Saturday mornings were filled with hours of dancing at the ballet studio. After a long month experiencing burnout and lack of motivation to do anything, I decided to take a break from my twelve years devoted to classical ballet. It was a tough thing to do (I am and always will be a dancer; it’s a huge part of my life!), but I am happy I had the guts to follow through with my decision.

Of course, I had to replace ten hours of dance a week with some other exercise. I went to the gym with my mother–that went south really quick. Treadmills make me dizzy, and while I can do weights, it simply wasn’t engaging enough for me. Then my school began to offer Crossfit classes. These classes are intense, and while still utilizing a gym, classes were more engrossed in technique and self-motivation. I also began taking walks in the mornings, but something was missing.


Yes, this is me. Some neoclassical moves.

One thing I love about ballet is the flexibility it gives the body. I felt as though Crossfit and walking were not necessarily improving my flexibility, and I think I lost some for a while! So decided to bring in…yoga.

A couple of years ago, I did a summer dance intensive. In summary, I danced ten or more hours a day, five days a week, for a month. Call me crazy, but it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. To start off each day, we would do either floor barre, yoga, or pilates. I particularly enjoyed yoga, and have done it every now and then since.

I usually follow these videos on YouTube, waking early to stretch and breathe. The practice of yoga is incredibly relaxing, and a great work out. Now, I am working with a local studio, hopefully setting up some sort of internship (or just take yoga classes now that I know about the studio and the work they do). My new goal: become a certified yoga teacher! Now that I will be going to college in the fall, being certified could mean teaching classes at my college, or otherwise part-timing as a yoga teacher. Doing what I love, and earning from it, mentally and financially.

Note: If you would like to follow any yoga classes online, be sure to listen to your body. Yoga isn’t about force; it’s knowing yourself, your strengths, and your limits.


4 thoughts on “From Dancing to Yoga-ing

  1. I could never motivate myself to go to the gym, but yoga I do most days of the week now for at least a few minutes. Thanks for visiting me and lovely to have found your blog!

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