Wu-Yi Tea, Not Available in Stores Near You

I have a few friends from China, and I studied Mandarin Chinese language and culture for a couple of years. Over the years, I have savored many flavors from East Asia, ranging from cookies to veggie dishes. One friend in particular, my ‘Chinese sister’, would often bring my family gifts from China. She’s brought us traditional hats and clothing, knick-knacks, and even food. One of these many awesome gifts was an oolong tea–Wu Yi source tea.


A little bit about Wu Yi  and oolong tea:

While Wu-Yi tea is simply oolong tea, it comes from one particular source: Mount Wu Yi. The leaves of the plant are handpicked, taking only the top two leaves and bud. On the top of the box, it reads:

Limited Quantity Available

One per Customer/Month

Didn’t know I drank tea this fancy! Though this info is according to the box. Oolong tea itself is particularly popular in Southeast Asia and comes in many varieties. Oolong literally translates to Black Dragon, written as 烏龍茶 in traditional Chinese characters. The tea can be sweeter than most, and I would say it’s lies somewhere between black and green tea, caffeine-wise. Easily my favorite tea!

Have you ever tried Oolong tea?



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