Food Documentaries For All

As is fairly obvious, I love food. I love making it, eating it, and preparing it. While I have blogged about making and eating foods, I have not gotten to sharing something else I love that is food-related–documentaries.
For the last couple of weeks, I have been watching a new food documentary during my free time on the weekend, helping me get through a list of a bunch of intriguing documentaries I’ve personally been wanting to see. Netflix all the way! The two documentaries I will talk about today are very well made (I am a video production intern, I can have some say in that regard), and have opened my mind to new avenues in the wondrous world of food.

1. Hungry for Change


This documentary, released in 2012 as a Food Matters Film, focuses on fad diets and the food industry. Ever wonder why you can lose ten pounds, but then end up gaining it all back with interest, once you get off a diet? The answer is simple, and obvious for some: fad diets are just that, a fad. They come and they go, never-lasting subjects of the mainstream. They do not work, and they deprive your body of nutrients it needs to stay balanced. The real diet that will help drop unwanted weight and allow one to maintain their new weight is a plant based diet, with as little processed goods as possible.
Also, bread is evil in this light.
The film introduces juicing detoxes (which I am still apprehensive to try, though I wouldn’t mind a green smoothie every couple days) to start you on your merry way to a healthier mind, body, and spirit. It then goes on to reinforce that veggies are the way to go. This particular film is in good company, what with the thriving vegetarian and vegan communities.

2. Food Matters


Food Matters was released in 2008. You may have deducted this already, but the two films you’ll read about in this post were released by the same production studio: Food Matters. However, the conclusion of a varied veggie-based diet was achieved by different means in Food Matters.
This film went into the drug industry, tearing it down, pillar by pillar. It enforced the idea that vitamin supplements, or at least a varied, plant based, nutritious diet is far more beneficial than any disease-curing drug (to an extent, of course. Some drugs really are needed for certain ailments). Fun fact: doctors in the US receive little education in nutrition. They know everything about medicine, which is great, but it creates this trap where we continue to prescribe a medicine to a health issue, rather than address the root of most sickness: a failing diet.

If you have watched one of these films, or have seen anything similar, let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Food Documentaries For All

  1. Have seen both and they are both very interesting 🙂 I love food-related documentaries too… and, indeed, most food-related television programs (of quality)

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