Happy Go-Lucky Failed Coco Balls

Last week, Honk If You’re Vegan featured a list of Bliss Ball recipes. They looked awesome, and of course I wanted to try making my own. I had the perfect occasion: my family was hosting a Paella over the weekend, a Spanish cookout with some college students from my dad’s classes (he’s a professor). It was a fun night with some great company and amazing food.

The morning of said event was crazy. I had to carry out some chores, go to church, eat, have some time to make something I could blog about. Then I went to work for six hours, after which I could finally relax with a cool drink by a fire under the dark, evening sky.

My first attempt at making vegan bliss balls was a recipe from Eat Less Sugar, You’re Sweet Enough’s blog. The recipe was easy enough to follow until I realized that what I had thought was a food processor was really just a blender in disguise, or at least so used and battered up that it could no longer serve it’s purpose of properly processing food. I had a mix that would not stick together, and my mother was in a panic that I still had not cleared out of the kitchen so that she could begin cooking.

After I returned from church, I had to think fast; my shift began in an hour and I had a failed bliss ball attempt on my counter. Think, think, think…

And then I looked at the ingredients, and it hit me: trail mix, turned into bars. Not exactly gourmet, and almost vegan, but it came out alright, and makes a great snack. Here be the recipe (that I gathered from my lost and wandering thoughts):



3/4 cup of honey (try local! I got mine from the Boston Honey Company) or agave syrup

1/4-1/2 cup of brown sugar

2 big spoonfuls of peanut butter

1 cup of corn flakes

1 1/2 cups of almonds*

3/4 cup of semi-sweetened or dark chocolate chips*

1/2 cup dried apricots*

2 tbsp of ground cinnamon

2 tbsp of cocoa powder

*These are estimates. Feel free to mess with it. That is the purpose of cooking, no?

How to do it:

1. Mix honey and brown sugar in a pan at medium heat, for about a minute or two. This melts the sugar, and makes the honey more liquidy. Then, add the peanut butter. Heat until softened.

2. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Adjust amounts of ingredients to suit your taste buds.

3. Pour the honey-brown sugar mix into the bowl of dry ingredients and mix it all together. Stickiness will ensue.

4. Spray a baking tray with non-stick, and pour the mix in, patting it down as you go. Once it is cool, put in the fridge/freezer for 10-15 minutes, or until hardened. Then slice into bars.

This is a fairly straightforward thing to prepare, and certainly satisfies the sweet-tooth.

How do you take your… trail mix?





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