Hot Cocoa, But Tea

It seems that my sweet-tooth is getting the best of me! I’ve consumed more chocolate this week than I have in a while. Tomorrow is my school’s prom–I’m so excited! I’ve got my dress, jewelry, shoes, a date. This being my last year in high school, the night is bound to be amazing. They will also be serving a to-die-for chocolate cake, which I am sure will contribute to a night of friends and dancing.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love browsing the tea section at any given store. There are so many I have never heard of! But I really couldn’t help it when I came across Cocoa Mint Maté.


This tea was nothing traditional–at least in the way of tea. The best way I can describe it is a taste similar to peppermint hot cocoa, but without the sugar or milk. Straight-up cocoa and leaf juice. While the tea isn’t super caffeinated, it is still a nice way to start the day, fresh and warmed up before heading out into the world.

I bought the tea at a local grocery store, from the brand Tazo. If you can’t find it, some mint leaves and cocoa powder might just do the trick! I feel as though some orange zest would go well, too. Or you could go for the classic hot cocoa, and curl up to read a book.

So… Cocoa or Tea?




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