3 Green Summer Smoothies To Try

Among the many food documentaries I have been watching over the last month is Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. The film features a very unhealthy man who decides it’s finally time for him to take control of his health. He performs a sixty day juice cleanse, getting off of his medication, losing unwanted weight, and becoming a much happier person.

I am fairly healthy, but I wouldn’t complain about a veggie juice here and there. The only setback: I do not own a juicer, nor will I for the time being. I know that smoothies and juices are totally different concepts, but they’re the closest thing I’ve got access to. Upon watching the film, I gathered some fruits and vegetables in the fridge and decided to blend myself a ‘green’ smoothie’. I had an apple, dried apricots, spring medley of different leaves, cucumber, coconut milk, and olives. It did taste a-okay, but I did not finish drinking it because 1. Three spoonfuls were incredibly filling, and 2. I had to admit, it really did not taste too great.

In order to experiment (hopefully more successfully), I’ve done a bit of research to compile a list of green smoothies I want to try out. Plus, with the warmer weather well underway in the Northern Hemisphere, what better way to start your day?

 1. Luscious Sweet Potato & Almond Smoothie

Looking at the ingredients list, I think I could pull this off tomorrow morning with a few minor tweaks here and there. I love potatoes (I hail from Idaho, land of plentiful potatoes) and pretty much any nut. This does seem like something I’d prefer in the afternoon or evening due to it’s heavier nature, but overall a good lookin’ spring smoothie.

2. Green Pear & Walnut Smoothie

I’m beginning to sense a pattern in many green smoothie recipes: veggie/fruit plus nut/seed. This allows for complimenting flavors! Excuse me while I go smack my forehead out of sheer embarrasment… Again, I think I have the ingredients for this. Green pear? Definitely breakfast.

3. Green Goji Goddess Smoothie

This recipe drew my attention the most, simply because it included goji berries; I’ve been keeping my eye out for the fruity mysteries for a bit now. This smoothie combines almonds milk, goji berries, banana, kale, flax seeds, and coconut oil. And once more, I have all the ingredients tucked away someplace.

I’m attempting to limit myself to one processed food a day, and it is proving much more difficult than I anticipated! Who knew we relied on boxes of food so much? Hopefully these smoothies will help in this feat.

Fun fact: I work in a grocery store now. It is both enlightening and disheartening to see the amount of unhealthy food that is bought, particularly when someone grabs bananas, frozen waffles, ten pounds of bloody meat, and three cases of soda.

Have you ever juiced or green smoothied?


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