Yoga Teacher Training

We lie on our backs. My shoulder blades, tail bone, and calves press into my mat. Each muscle contracts and relaxes, beginning from my toes, and moving up to my head. Am I breathing? Yes. I just sucked some air in through my nose. In this moment, I am so completely aware of everything and nothing. There is peace in my mind, and calm in my heart.

This pretty much captures the brief moments of bliss at the end of a yoga practice. Since I began my little dance break (almost done with school–I will return to dance soon!), yoga has slowly been creeping into more and more of my life. It’s gotten to a point that I am really considering training to become a yoga teacher.

How does one simply become a trained yoga teacher?

Many yoga studios offer a basic 200 hour yoga teacher training course. Through yoga practice and studying the philosophy behind practice itself, trainees accumulate 200 hours of intensive yoga experience. There are other levels, like 500 hours and 1,000 hours.

One local studio near me is Shri Studio. Not only do they have a wonderful space for their classes, but they are very much into connecting with the community. They do this through an outreach program, teaching at schools and community centers, including my high school (oh, guess how I learned about them!). Next year, I may join their training program, although with college happening, it may wait a few years. In the mean time, I will continue yoga-ing on my own time, in the morning, and at the studio.


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