Book Club: Skinny Bitch

I’ve been thinking of bringing in a new segment here on DailyExploits–a weekly ‘book club’. As an avid reader, for the most part, I have found that I love reading books about nutrition and the vegan-vegetarian lifestyle. The first book I picked up on the matter, Skinny Bitch, came into my possession by accident. I went to the library looking for a specific book (A Dirty Job; as it happens, a book two friends and I will be reading together as our own mini book club). Just one book. I went to the check out counter with…five. All about vegetarian and vegan foods and lifestyle.

I’ve never done any sort of book club sort of thing, but due to the structure of the book itself, it is easy to digest chapter by chapter. I will be discussing three to four chapters each week. Any constructive feedback can be left in the comments!

The book opens with a sassy tone, mingled with wit and a blunt attitude that is preserved throughout the book. Brace yourself: this will keep you reading. The first chapter, entitled Give It Up, goes through various unsavory habits that are categorized as unhealthy, and ergo must be eliminated from your life to achieve the goal of the book: to get skinny and healthy. Smoking, drinking, and eating crap are out right from the get-go. Soda and coffee are the devil, and turn away from popping those over-the-counter pills. Go organic, work out, and drink tons of water! Only then can one begin to ‘get skinny’.

Chapter two goes into Carbs: The Truth. We’ve all become aware of zero carb, low calorie, sugar-free fad diets. Eat less carbs, and there will be less you! Guaranteed! But, alas, our bodies need carbs to function. There are two kinds of carbs: simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates usually consist of or convert into sugar. Too many=bad. Complex carbs, on the other hand, have lots of starch and fiber, taking a while to break down in your system. These=good. This chapter delved into some myths, concreting the okay to eat fruit and bread if you are out to be healthy.

Chapter 3: Sugar is the Devil. In the average American grocery store, sugar is found everywhere. Staying away from the stuff is very difficult (I’ve tried many a time). The chapter goes on to discuss how sugar is produced today, and then offers a few sugar-alternatives, or natural sweeteners. These include (but are not limited to) Stevia, evaporated cane juice, raw sugar, and molasses. Then we are introduced to Aspartame, the greatest of all sweetener evils. After being turned down by the FDA eight times, the stuff went on market in 1981. It has been known to cause memory loss, reproductive disorders, and migraines. Ew. Basically, anything refined or processed=bad. Don’t eat it.

And that is all for this post. The next chapter discussing the meat industry, which needs it’s own sit down time (we all know how long of a story that is going to be). I’m really liking this book, as it is an easy and captivating read, as well as knowledgable and entertaining.

Let me know if you have read Skinny Bitch, or might now be planning on reading it!


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