Ready, Set… Travel!

The last week has been anxiety-inducing, exciting beyond belief, and somewhat transformative. Since I last published anything in this blog, I graduated high school, received a last minute college acceptance, and packed my suitcase for my trip to Los Angeles.


Graduation was amazing; I did not go to your typical high school, so I did not experience your typical graduation ceremony. Rather than a solemn procession of distributing diplomas in a college gym to students who cannot wait to leave, my school went all out. We celebrated. We screamed our lungs out. We stood and danced until our feet were sore. We announced each student with pride and ultimate appreciation for their individuality. We laughed and we cried. We wanted to stay in our high school, our family, forever. But we were ready to go. It was unforgettable.

The day after, I got an X-ray done and my blood (sucked out by needle vampires) drawn. I went to Panera for a fabulously epic bagel. And then it really hit me–I’m done with high school. I have my diploma, finished all of my project work, and have a college plan for the fall. It was a sad moment, and took a little bit to shake off. I went home, and got my hands busy; it was about time to pack up for my trip!


I have been in the City of Angels for three days now, and have the rest of the week to go. Why am I here? One of my best friends moved out to Los Angeles last fall, and I decided to fly out to the West Coast to visit her!


Palm trees. They’re grow like pines out here in Cali.

Life out here is incredibly paradoxical to that of the East Coast, where I am from. While the city is crowded, it is also wide and spread out, and simply feels open. People are far friendlier and more relaxed, adverse to the typical Eastern attitude that feels a need to rush and be curt. It’s a nice change of atmosphere, and a good place to adventure and relax. I love it.

Southern California is also a haven for veggie lovers, like myself. There is no shortage of organic and local products. There are farmers’ markets galore, and don’t get me started on all the juice bars and vegan restaurants. They are literally everywhere. It’s amazing.


I will hopefully be paying a visit to the many vegan and vegetarian restaurants out here, and documenting my finds to share with you, the dear reader. Until next time!



P.S. The vegan cookies from Whole Foods are beautiful. And so is purple cauliflower.




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