Book Club: Skinny Bitch, Part II

Last time in Skinny Bitch, we discussed the first three chapters: Giving It Up, Carbs: The Truth, and Sugar is the Devil. In short, authors Kim Barnouin and Rory Freedman enlightened readers about some of the vice foods in the typical American diet, and just how bad sugar, alcohol, soda, coffee, and aspartame really are. In a small collection of pages, Barnouin and Freedman tossed aside a vast majority of fad diets, particularly those that focused on cutting out any one group of carbs from a diet entirely.

The fourth chapter goes into the next, unfairly glorified food group: meat. Entitled The Dead, Rotting, Decomposing Flesh Diet, I’m sure you can deduce the attitude taken on. The Atkins Diet promotes eating a low-carb diet by upping meat intake and lowering the intake of wheat and fruits. Hold on–no fruits? You also start out with no legumes, nuts, or much of any fibrous vegetable. Last I checked, variety in a diet was pretty good? Right? This thick chapter delves into the meat industry, particularly from the animal-cruelty angle. Some pages I really did have to skip–the stories were far to gruesome. Note: While the book is all about the vegan-vegetarian lifestyles, eating meat isn’t necessarily condoned; it is simply discouraged if you want to lose weight. Yes, you may be better off without it, but the authors take on an attitude that focuses more on facts than opinion, keeping the insults to meat and dairy eaters everywhere on the down-low.

Meat=fattening. To quote the frequent phrase of this book, “Use your head.”

Chapter five, The Dairy Disaster, puts all of the Got Milk? advertisements to shame. We learn about the purposes of milk: to fatten up and grow a newborn into an toddler. Why, then, is another mammal’s milk advertised for human consumption through adulthood? Then the book delves deeper into the factory farm side of the dairy industry, and what is seen is not pretty. Because of mass production, cows could be injured or sick, and people would never know. But your body does, and we feel the accumulation of fats and toxins in our bodies. Think about what the cow consumes: mass produced feed, filled with pesticides and herbicides, as well as antibiotics or other drugs. All that is passed on through milk, too.

To fight the whole ‘how do you get your calcium if you’re a vegan?’, bring out the leaf guns: kale, collard greens, cabbage, and seaweed are all great contributors of calcium, and in much greater amounts than what’s found in dairy.

You Are What You Eat. A simple phrase, passed down through the ages, tossed around in light conversation. The title of chapter six, this old saying could be no more to the point. Think about what you eat; is this something you want to carry around with you for the next 72 hours, maybe even for years to come? One great misconception (allow me to stray from the topic a bit) is that working out counteracts any vice food in your system. Eat ice cream? No problem, just workout for an extra half hour, you’ll be fine! The food is inside you, waiting to be digested. It’s not waiting to hop into your intestinal furnace to be burned off by some extra time on the treadmill. Eat what you want to be, what you want to be a part of your body. I think eating a bowl of fresh spinach and avocado is far more beneficiary than the carcass of an animal who died with fear and sadness in it’s heart.

More of these ‘book clubs’ to come, next week! Let me know if there’s a book I should stick my nose into next, and maybe I’ll keep doing this little book club after Skinny Bitch.


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