A Toast to Travel

I just hurtled through the atmosphere, in a metal tube, across a continent in the span of a few hours. 


I’ve returned home after a long and fun vacation to Los Angeles! There are many stories to tell, vegan-vegetarian restaurants to share, and new recipes to record here. Let it be known that down in Southern California, there is definitely a shortage of non-organic food and cloudy weather!

My last day in Los Angeles was amazing. After going to church in the morning, I took a walk down Venice Boulevard, and then down Abbot Kinney, a popular street full of little cafes and designer shops. I headed into a store called This is Aust, where I met one of the owners–a girl from Australia! Everywhere you turn in this city, any and all nationalities a represented in some way. The people of LA are from all over the globe.


Lunch rolled around, and my friend, her mom, and I headed over the The Vegan Joint, an all vegan little restaurant with some of the best vegan food I have ever had. Just outside, the road was closed for the Motor Avenue Farmers’ Market, reminding me of flea markets I went to while traveling in Spain a couple years ago.


Stomachs full, we ventured back home to nap, siesta-style. Have I mentioned how relaxed life is out in California?


Evening came along, and we hit Venice Beach (only after mistaking when my flight back home was, and almost having to pack up my suitcase and run out the door. Thank goodness it didn’t leave until the next day!). All dressed up and looking fabulous, we ate at an Italian restaurant, Casa Italiano. Guess who sat at the table behind us? A group of Italians. International city for sure.


We walked down the boardwalk, breathed in the wonderful ocean air, watched surfers waiting for the next wave. It was a beautiful evening. Throughout this trip, I was constantly thinking, how is it that this is an actual way people live? It’s paradise! No words can really describe the beauty to be found out there.


That evening, we huddled on the pull-out bed of the couch, and watched a silly romantic comedy, trying some of Fray’s organic wine. We celebrated my friend getting ready for school in the fall, her mom’s new job, my visit there. We made a toast to all these wonderful things. It was all bittersweet, and certainly an evening to remember.



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